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Presence of mind required

The allegations made by Deputy Supreme Court Prosecutor Ioannis Angelis over government involvement in the Novartis case - coming after similar claims in the past by other senior judicial officials - must be followed up until the matter is resolved.

Novartis probes, justice appointments tax government

As investigations get under way into claims by a top prosecutor that a government official sought to influence a probe into an alleged bribery scandal involving the Swiss drugs firm Novartis, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras faces another headache over reports that President Prokopis Pavlopoulos plans not to approve his cabinet's nomination of a new Supreme Court leadership.

Editorial: One-eyed justice

From the first months of the Tsipras administration and especially after the second general election in September, 2015, when the stratagem of annihilating opposition politicians and pro-opposition media was hatched, there were charges that the government wanted to use the judiciary as a political tool.

Prosecutor to testify next week over claims gov't official influenced Novartis probe

Supreme Court deputy prosecutor Ioannis Angelis, who has claimed that the leftist government influenced an investigation into an alleged bribery scandal involving the Swiss drugs manufacturer Novartis, is to be summoned next Friday by another Supreme Court deputy prosecutor, Dimitris Dasoulas, who has been appointed by the court's main prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou to probe his claims. 

Editorial: Full disclosure now on Novartis fiasco

All that has been revealed in recent days through the public statements, letters, and interventions of judicial functionaries confirm in the worst manner that the charges and allegations in the notorious Novartis scandal were plotted and organised to target specific political opponents of the government and not to get to the bottom of the scandal.

Mitsotakis: Allegations over Novartis probe will be brought to Parliament

The allegations made by a deputy Supreme Court prosecutor who has implicated a government official of influencing an investigation into an alleged bribery scandal involving the Swiss drugs manufacturer Novartis will be investigated by the next Parliament, main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said Thursday.