Official Gazette

Turkish Cabinet issues urgent expropriation decision to build new hydroelectric and wind power plants

The Cabinet has issued an urgent expropriation decision for the construction of 11 new energy facilities across Turkey, including a number of hydroelectric plants (HES), which are particularly controversial due to the environmental damage they cause.

CHP proposes motion over government's move to postpone Şişecam workers' strike

A lawmaker from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has proposed a motion where the postponement of strikes can only be applied in emergency situations.

This came after the government postponed a strike on June 25 by workers of the Şişecam glass factory in Mersin.

Turkey updates terror list, shifts al-Nusra Front’s place

The Turkish government has updated its official terrorist organization list, removing the al-Nusra Front from the group listed under the title “al-Qaeda in Iraq.” However, the changes published in the Official Gazette on June 18 kept al-Nusra listed as a “terrorist organization.” 

YouTube ban a heavy intervention into freedom of expression: Top Turkish court

Banning access to YouTube constitutes a “heavy intervention into the freedom of expression of all users,” Turkey’s Constitutional Court has said in its detailed ruling, while underlining that social media is a transparent platform enabling communication.