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Electric vehicle sales expected to almost double this year

The size of Türkiye's electric car market is expected to nearly double this year as sales are forecast to reach 120,000 units.

Last year, 72,179 EVs were sold in the country, pointing to an 833 percent increase from 2022, which made Türkiye the fastest-growing EV market in Europe. In terms of the number of EV sales, Türkiye ranked 8th in Europe.

Bulgaria: A 29-year-old Man Died in a Car Crash - An Injured Baby is in a Hospital

One person died, five are hospitalized, among them a 10-month-old baby and two boys aged 12 and 15, after an accident on the Pazardzhik-Belovo road, announced the spokesman of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Miroslav Stoyanov.