ATHEX: Credit sector helps bourse index higher

The flexibility that the credit sector has secured from the European Central Bank and the reserved optimism that the restriction measures in Greece are bearing fruit, amid more handout pledges by the government, saw the local stock market head higher on Monday in a relatively calm environment for global securities.

ATHEX: Strong gains offset losses seen on Monday

The reserved optimism of Greek epidemiologists about the course of Covid-19 in Greece over the last three days was reflected in stock prices on Tuesday, as confidence in the quickly taken, firm measures and the fiscal easing decided across the European Union have led to some relief for battered bourses, including Athinon Avenue.

ATHEX: ECB triggers new sell-off

The European Central Bank's refusal to adjust interest rates to breathe new life into the coronavirus-battered European economy resulted in eurozone securities being subject to a fresh round of sell-offs on Thursday. The Greek stock market plunged to new lows while the benchmark 10-year bond yield soared 51 basis points to 2.08 percentage points.

ATHEX: Local stock market takes beating

The double whammy of mounting worries over the coronavirus epidemic and the standoff between Saudi Arabia and Russia on oil output and prices wreaked havoc on global markets, with Athinon Avenue taking a serious beating on Monday in the biggest daily declined suffered in almost four years. All of the impressive gains recorded in 2019 have been wiped out in the last few session, as the benchmark