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Qatar Airways announces new direct flights to Thessaloniki

Qatar Airways has announced that it will commence direct flights from Doha to Thessaloniki in March 2018.
Thessaloniki is the second airline destination for the airline company in Greece, as Qatar Airways already has three daily flights to Athens. According to its announcement, the airline will connect Doha to Thessaloniki with four direct flights per week.

Qatar Removes Entry Visas for Citizens of 80 Countries, Including Bulgaria


Qatar announced today that it will remove the entry visas for citizens of 80 countries, including Bulgaria, to boost tourism and air transport. Reports Investorbg. 

The announcement was made at a press conference by Qatar Airways airline chief Akbar al-Bakr and representatives of the Ministries of Tourism and the Interior.

Qatar offers visa-free entry to 80 nationalities to boost tourism

Qatar, isolated by its neighbors in a diplomatic crisis, on Aug. 9 introduced a visa-free entry program for 80 nationalities to stimulate air transport and tourism.

"The visa exemption scheme will make Qatar the most open country in the region," tourism department official Hassan al-Ibrahim told a news conference in Doha.

UK notifies Turkish officials it will lift electronics ban on flights from Turkey

The U.K. has informed Turkish officials that it would lift the electronics ban on flights from Turkey, state-run Anadolu Agency reported on July 20, citing diplomatic sources.

The sources said that Alan Duncan, Britain's minister for Europe and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson both called Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu to tell him the ban was being lifted.

Qatar Airways says flights now exempt from US laptop ban

Qatar Airways announced on July 6 that it had won exemption from a U.S. ban on passengers taking laptops and tablet computers on flights from its Doha hub.

It is the latest carrier after Abu Dhabi's Etihad, Dubai's Emirates and Turkish Airlines to meet new rules imposed by Washington in March for direct flights from 10 airports in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa.

Qatar quarantine

Public-spirited businessman Moutaz al-Hayat is flying 4,000 cows into Qatar from the United States and Australia to boost milk supply in his country, which is being blockaded by most of its Arab neighbors in the Gulf. It will take 60 flights, and is definitely not cost-effective. But that may not be his biggest problem.