Republika Srpska

Serbian Unity Day; Vučić: "We will never apologize for the Serbian tricolor again"

This is the first celebration of that holiday, and on that occasion, numerous manifestations were held in Belgrade, while the central ceremony was held on Sava Square next to the monument to Stefan Nemanja.

Radojicic: We are much stronger through national symbols

Vucic and Schmidt: "Irresponsible, dangerous"

Vui and Schmidt met at the "Mir" villa, and it is expected that the two officials will discuss the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina and overcoming the crisis that arose after the BiH Parliament adopted the Law on Ban of Genocide Denial, after which the representatives of Republika Srpska decided not to participate in the work of joint institutions.

Bosnia Must Counter Russia’s Cultivation of Far-Right Extremists

Russia engages a range of actors and tools across the Western Balkans, ranging from official diplomats to friendly oligarchs, and from informal radical groups to leading media outlets.

This effort is aided by common languages among several former Yugoslav states, which makes it easier to generate regional support for far-right groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Financial Administration boosting cooperation with Bosnian tax authorities

Banja Luka – Ivan Simič, the acting director of Slovenia’s Financial Administration (FURS), signed a cooperation agreement with Goran Maričić, director of Tax Authority of Republika Srpska, in Banja Luka on Thursday. He also discussed closer cooperation with Miro Džakula, director of the Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Bosnian Serb Prosecutors Drop Probe into Wartime Destruction of Mosques

Citing the statute of limitations, the public prosecution in Banja Luka told BIRN it had terminated investigations in February this year in five cases against one of more unidentified persons concerning the destruction of six mosques between March and July 1993.