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Bulgaria Withdraws Citizenship Of Russian Tycoon Amid EU Criticism

Bulgaria has revoked the Bulgarian citizenship of a Russian millionaire amid EU criticism of a scheme known as the "golden passport'', reported Radio Free Europe. 

Sergei Adonyev's citizenship was withdrawn over a 20-year-old fraud conviction in the United States, Bulgaria's Justice Ministry said on January 23.

Bulgarian Authorities Investigating Killing Of TV Reporter

SOFIA -- A Bulgarian TV reporter has been found dead in a northern border city and authorities say they are investigating into whether it was a random crime or was connected to her reporting work, reports RFE/RL.

The body of Viktoria Marinova was found in a park in the city of Ruse, officials said on October 7.

'Hundreds Detained' As Kremlin Opponents Protest Pension-Reform Plan On Election Day

RFE/RL - Thousands of anti-Kremlin demonstrators have taken to the streets in Russia to protest the government's plan to raise the retirement age in rallies coinciding with regional and local elections nationwide, triggering tense confrontations with police and resulting in hundreds of detentions, according to a rights-monitoring group.

EU: Serbia and Montenegro Could Join In 2025; Albania, BiH, FYROM, Kosovo Later

Montenegro and Serbia should be ready for EU membership in 2025 and Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Macedonia should be well-advanced on their path to EU accession by then, according to a draft of the European Commission's Western Balkans strategy seen by RFE/RL.