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Vučić: Serbia aspires to EU, but it will not spoil relations with Russia and China

He added that Serbia would not spoil relations with Russia and China because of that. Asked about Serbia's European path, Vui said that he knew that not everything depended on us.
"At the recent meeting of foreign ministers, it was stated that Serbia has made progress on the issue of the rule of law. It is important for us to be sincerely on the European path," he said.

Rio Tinto’s Planned Jadarite Mine Sparks Protest in Western Serbia

Hundreds of locals from western Serbia, but also activists and opposition politicians from other parts of the country, gathered on Thursday in Loznica, western Serbia, to protest against amendments to the local urban plan to meet the needs of a lithium mining investment by the Anglo-Australian multinational corporation Rio Tinto.

Vučić about Rio Tinto: We are ready for the referendum VIDEO

The President of Serbia said that in 2014, he was forced to propose fiscal consolidation and adopt the most difficult measures. He added that they were doing something that no one liked.
"We had to reduce salaries and pensions, to pass a more flexible Labor Law, to go against the will of the people, so that today we can enjoy the fruits of such difficult reforms," Vucic said.

Aluminij’s Executioners Must Face Justice in Bosnia

This situation is even more remarkable given even a cursory glance at global aluminum prices. While aluminum prices have not fully recovered from their peak just before the 2008 financial crisis, they have returned to their price point in the early 2000s - which is higher than what the metal was trading for during most of the 1980s and 1990s.

Australian companies interested in doing business in Serbia

According to the Serbian government, they discussed "further enhancement of bilateral cooperation between the two countries."

Brnabic expressed her hope that the positive trend of cooperation between Serbia and Australia will continue in the future, adding that Serbia's interest is to intensify cooperation in the fields of energy, economy and information technologies.