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‘It’s [Not] Over’: The Past, and Present, of Lithium Mining in Serbia

Protesters block the E-75 highway in Belgrade, Serbia, 27 November 2021. Anti-government demonstrators blocked roads and bridges in Serbia to protest against new laws they say favor interests of foreign investors devastating the environment. EPA-EFE/ANDREJ CUKIC

First time lucky

Horrible report from Rio Tinto released: Harassment, rape, racism

"A report released by Rio Tinto outlined a culture of bullying, harassment and racism at the global mining giant, including 21 complaints of actual or attempted rape or sexual assault over the past five years", Reuters reports, adding that nearly half of all employees who responded to an external review of company's workplace culture commissioned by Rio said they had been bullied, while racism

Serbian Activists Doubt Govt’s Sincerity in Cancelling Lithium Mine

After Serbia's government on Wednesday revoked a key decree greenlighting Rio Tinto's controversial lithium mining project, activists said they did not trust government promises that the mining project is over for good, fearing what might happen after elections in April.

Brnabić: The end for Rio Tinto in Serbia, it's over

"We have the requests of environmental organizations. These are the requests that were submitted to the Government on January 12, 2022," the Prime Minister said at a press conference immediately after the government session.
At the final session, the Government Decree on the spatial plan was revoked, Brnabi pointed out.

The end for Rio Tinto in Serbia?

After the session, Brnabic will address the media at 6:00 p.m.
"Rio Tinto didn't get a permit. At the moment, for me, that project is over."
As Tanjug has learned, yesterday's statement by the Prime Minister that Rio Tinto will no longer be in Serbia in a few weeks will be confirmed.

An extraordinary address of the President of Serbia today

As it is stated, the address will be dedicated to the current protests and the company Rio Tinto.
Vui will also speak on the occasion of the Law on Expropriation and the Law on Referendum and People's Initiative.
On that occasion, President Vucic will announce what decisions he has made regarding the laws, and in accordance with his powers.