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78 Days of Fear: Remembering NATO’s Bombing of Yugoslavia

The army statement said that over 20 buildings had already been hit and that the air campaign was continuing, but insisted that the military's operational and combat readiness was at the highest possible level. It also declared that the mood among the country's soldiers and officers was "unusually high".

"Protesters obviously have some kind of support from West"

The head of Serbian diplomacy finds it incomprehensible that no embassies here, and the EU, made a statement about these events. (Later in the day on Monday an EU spokesperson did react to the incident at public broadcaster RTS on Saturday and at the protest in front of the Presidency on Sunday).

Serbian Protesters Storm National Broadcaster Building

Serbian citizens who have been protesting weekly against President Aleksandar Vucic's regime stormed the building of the Serbian national broadcaster RTS on Saturday evening, and were forcefully expelled by police.

Some of the protesters were injured when police in riot gear cleared the premises around 10.30pm.