Satti’s Eurovision entry ‘Zari’ climbs Spotify’s global ‘Viral 50’ list

Marina Satti's Eurovision entry "Zari" has become the first song with Greek lyrics to make it into Spotify's global "Viral 50" list.

With almost 13 million listens on the audio streaming platform, "Zari" now ranks 21st on the Spotify list of the "most viral tracks right now," climbing a number of places already on Tuesday.

Spotify announces record-breaking payout to artists in annual report

Spotify paid out $9 billion in streaming royalties to artists last year, the streaming giant said yesterday in its latest "Loud and Clear" report.

Spotify's fourth annual report, which originally launched in 2021 following criticism over its lack of transparency, noted record accomplishments, including the highest annual payment from any retailer to the music industry.

Meghan Markle launches new brand

Meghan Markle, the wife of Britain's Prince Harry, is launching a new lifestyle brand seemingly named after the couple's oceanside California home.

An Instagram page and website for American Riviera Orchard went live without advance warning Thursday, both featuring a gold-colored crest for the new venture.

Riff Cohen to perform in Ankara

Israeli singer and songwriter Riff Cohen will take the stage in Ankara on July 5 and in Istanbul on July 8.

Having a strong fanbase in Türkiye, Cohen will meet with them at CSO Ada concert complex in the Turkish capital.

After her performance on July 5, Cohen will also take the stage in Istanbul at Salon İKSV, accompanied by Turkish jazz musician Okay Temiz, over the weekend.

Prince Harry and Meghan's deal with Spotify to end

The multi-million-dollar deal that a media group run by Britain's Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle has had with streaming giant Spotify is ending by mutual agreement, the two parties said on June 15.

The couple have produced just one series under their Archewell Audio podcast imprint since inking the agreement in 2020 for a reported $20 million.