the suez canal

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Suez Canal Authority

Egypt to raise Suez Canal transit fees for ships in 2023

Egypt has said that it will increase transit fees for vessels, including oil-laden tankers, passing through Suez Canal, one of the world's most crucial waterways.

The Suez Canal Authority said in a statement on Sept. 17 that it will add 15 percent to the fees for tankers carrying oil and petroleum products, and 10 percent for dry bulk carriers and cruise ships.

45 years ago, today : Op-ed

The privileged geographical position of Panama, since the times of the Spanish Empire, was essential for its expansion, and developed the transit system that dominates the world today. This geographical position enabled the construction of a transcontinental railway, in the middle of the 19th century, because of the California gold rush.

Rise in number of invasive jellyfish in Turkey’s south raises concern

Turkey has been witnessing a rise in the number of jellyfish on its southern shores, especially on the coast of the Mediterranean province of Hatay's Samandağ district, due to strong winds that are drawing currents.

A large number of jellyfish was caught in the nets of local fishermen who went out to the Mediterranean Sea in the past days, concerning marine scientists and residents.

Rapid rise in input prices troubles Slovenian industry

Ljubljana – Rapidly rising prices of inputs are causing problems world-wide, with Slovenian industry affected as well. Gregor Ficko, director of the Chamber of Construction and Building Materials Industry, told the STA that the demand for inputs is particularly acute in construction and the timber industry.

INTERVIEW Israeli Head of Trade: We have fully opened economy with help of intensive vaccination campaign

Israel managed to fully open up the economy earlier this week, with the help of an intensive vaccination campaign and an application that allowed immunized people to have access to public places everywhere, Ohan Cohen, head of the Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy, told AGERPRES in an interview.