German "stick-and-carrot": What did Scholz say to Kurti but not so directly to Vučić?

The first great Balkan assignment of the new German Chancellor was successfully performed: both Vui and Kurti came to Berlin.
These are politicians, as Deutsche Welle writes, in whose hands is the solution of the currently biggest political problem in the Balkans - the relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

EU: "It's time to complete the whole process"

He stated that the process of dialogue on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina needs to be "successfully completed".
In a statement for Tanjug, Peter Stano pointed out that by signing the Agreement, Belgrade and Pristina undertook important international obligations and pointed out that both sides must fully implement everything that was agreed.

Chaos on Brooklyn streets: A man with a gas mask wounded several people VIDEO / PHOTO

New York police said that they were looking for that man after "the massacre in train R at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park around 8.30 a.m." local time, the Daily Mail reported.
Witnesses say that he is an African-American, but this information has not been confirmed yet.

RIK: First results; Vučić still at more than 70 percent; CeSID: Turnout 59.5 percent

The Republic Election Commission (RIK) did not want to publish tonight either the turnout estimates or the results, but will address it for the first time only on Monday night.
Instead, RIK will publish the results online, and you can follow them with us. We are here to inform you about the results and how Serbia voted.