ROSU units with 25 armored vehicles raid Northern Kosovo

The reason for the incursion is unknown, reports Prva TV reporter. It is also unknown where they are currently located.
According to unofficial information, a Kosovo police officer has been detained in northern Kosovo. A correspondent from Prva TV from Pristina also reports that the local media have no additional information.

Albin Kurti declares victory: As of tomorrow, we work on creating a new government

Kurti stated that from today he is starting to work on creating a new Government with him as Prime Minister.
"We have worked hard, we have been engaged for a long time, but it all pays off because every sacrifice is worth for our beloved citizens. We considered it our obligation and we will get the country back on the right track", Kurti said.

A tête-à-tête meeting commenced at the Palace of Serbia

Prior to conducting a tête-à-tête meeting of the two presidents, the President of Armenia and the delegation that he heads, which includes Foreign Affairs Minister Artak Apitonyan and numerous businessmen, attended a ceremonial welcome in front of the Palace of Serbia, with the Guard of the Serbian Army, a red carpet and the sounding of the anthems of the two countries.

Munter invites Vucic to Berlin, Merkel calls for the meeting in New York

"I had the privilege of speaking with President Vucic, we discussed the situation in the region in the context of the Berlin Dialogue sponsored by the East-West Institute in December. Many leaders will come and talk about long-standing solutions for the region," Munter said last night for Tanjug.

Putin is very angry

Yegor Zhukov, Moscow student, published a video-blog on August 1st, depicting how the members of Russian security services had taken up all the power in Russia, using protests re: local elections as an excuse.

Thaci already "written off"?

According to "Blic" report, carried by Tanjug, it does not mean that the deadline will not be extended as many times before, but the "Kosovo issue" is being pushed in that direction. Hashim Thaci's party is worse off than ever, and if the West plays to other options, negotiations over the fate of Kosovo and Metohija could change drastically, according to "Blic".