Wuhan "welcomed the light of day": Eager to go to the stores

Long life in isolation meant delivering goods.
Many settlements in the city are still separated by two-meter-high plastic walls that were erected at the beginning of the crisis with the aim of social distance and isolation of communities. For this reason, the citizens of Wuhan were completely reliant on online delivery.

The utter chaos: Greeks target migrants, while Turks hit Greek border in return VIDEO

Turkish border guards, on the other hand, fired large amounts of tear gas at the Greek side of the border, the AP reported.
Thousands of migrants and refugees are trying to enter Greece this week, after seven days ago Turkey, which practically guarded Europe's borders, decided not to prevent migrants from moving freely to EU countries.

Serbia Urged to Come Clean on Journalists’ Surveillance

International media watchdog Reporters Without Borders, RSF, has called on the Serbian authorities to investigate how much surveillance goes on in the country - after the Serbian news agency Tanjug on February 16 published a response written by the Defence Minister to a never-published opinion piece by a former defence minister.

Severe traffic accident in Zemun: Bus driver got killed, two buses destroyed VIDEO

A serious car accident occurred on Car Dusan Street in Zemun, Tanjug told the Ambulance Service when two buses and one car collided.
The accident occurred when a speeding passenger vehicle emerged from Trscanska Street to collide with a bus owned by a private carrier on the line no. 45. The same vehicle then hit a city bus line no. 15, killing its driver (30).

Media: Serbia's military delegation had to take off uniforms to enter Montenegro

According to Sputnik, it happened on the eve of the travel to Rovca near Kolasin, where the Serbian defense minister was supposed to lay a wreath at Pavle Bulatovic's monument today.
Vulin is also expected to attend a liturgy at the Kostrikovaca Monastery.

Thousands of citizens of Zemun and New Belgrade support SPC in liturgy PHOTO / VIDEO

The citizens who attended the liturgies in all the temples based in Zemun had previously gathered with the clergy in the Zemun park, from where they headed to St. Dimitri's temple in New Belgrade, where the believers from this part of the city had gathered during the morning and afternoon.