Controversial Author Claims Tesla for Montenegro

A book "Nikola Tesla declared himself as Montenegrin", published in Montenegro, has added fuel to the long-standing dispute over the national identity of the scientist Nikola Tesla, who lived and worked in the US. Born to a Serbian Orthodox family in Smiljan, Austria-Hungary, now Croatia, he died in New York in 1943.

Tech-Savvy Tesla-Inspired Play Premieres in Belgrade

A new play entitled 'FBI - The Tesla Files' premiers at Belgrade's Sava Centre's main hall on December 18.

Written by Nele Karajlic, a popular Yugoslavian musician, writer, performer and overall Renaissance man, the play premiered in November in Novi Sad and has now taken up residence in Sava Centre.

Media in Croatia again refer to Nikola Tesla as "Croatian"

The media in Croatia have once again referred to Nikola Tesla as being Croatian, Tanjug is reporting on Tuesday.

This is taking place after the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) said it wants the urn with Tesla's ashes - currently located in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade - transferred to St. Sava's Temple in the Serbian capital.

Belgrade's International Technical Fair celebrates jubilee

BELGRADE - The 60th International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements, whose exhibitors are  announcing more than 100 innovations, kicked off at the Belgrade Fair grounds on Monday.
The trade show is hosting over 500 exhibitors from 26 countries, spanning Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Car technology and Turkey

Think of a car. Its production has not even started yet and you have to wait a year to receive the earliest produced one.

Yet three days after the car's announcement, 300,000 people have made advance payments, saying "I want to buy this car."

Success is something like that.

I am talking about electric car producer Tesla and the announcement of its new Model 3.