Twitter Decided Instead of Musk to Sell 10% of His Tesla Shares

Twitter users have decided that entrepreneur Elon Musk will sell 10% of his shares in Tesla. This was done through a poll published by him, in which he stated that he would take the step if Twitter approved, and would take into account the results of the poll, whatever they may be.

More than 3.5 million people voted, and almost 58% of them answered "yes".

INTERVIEW/ Romanian Ambassador in Washington assures US investors that Gov't in Bucharest, functional, there is no legislative instability

AGERPRES special correspondent Florentina Peia reports: Romania's Ambassador in Washington, Andrei Muraru, told AGERPRES in an interview that he gave assurances to US investors, whom he encourages to come to Romania, that the Executive in Bucharest is a functional one, and the change of its makeup should not affect the business environment.

Croatia’s Euro to Feature Inventor Tesla, Claimed Also by Serbia

Croatia announced on Wednesday that the final proposals for the motifs for future Croatian euro coins, which will replace today's national currency, the kuna, are the Croatian coat-of-arms, a geographical map of Croatia, the marten - the animal after which kuna was named, the Glagolitic script - the oldest known Slavic alphabet and the inventor Nikola Tesla who was born in central Croatia.

Tesla - Ελλάδα: Δείτε που μπαίνουν οι νέοι - πανάκριβοι ταχυφορτιστές της (φωτογραφίες)

Tesla τοποθετεί superchargers και εκτός Αττικής στα πλαίσια διεύρυνσης του δικτύου της.

Roughly 30k vehicles registered in first half of July, of which 6,755 new cars

Roughly 30,000 vehicles were registered in Romania in the first half of July, of which 20,461 units in the "used" category, according to the recently published data of the Driving Permits and Vehicle Registration Regime Directorate (DRPCIV). According to the official statistics, in the analyzed interval, out of the total of the 9,291 new vehicles registered, 6,755 are cars.