Turkish Aerospace Industries

Türkiye to modernize F16s into 'viper level' warplanes by 2030

The Turkish Air Force Command plans to modernize 165 F16 jets with block levels of 30, 40 and 50, gradually transforming them into powerful viper level warplanes by the year 2030, local media has reported.

The move comes as part of Türkiye's efforts to bolster its air combat capabilities in the face of potential weaknesses resulting from its exclusion from the F35 program.

Hürjet performs takeoff test

Türkiye's light attack aircraft Hürjet has successfully passed its maiden flight test.

An F-16 fighting falcon jet accompanied Hürjet during its first flight at Mürted Airfield Command, an air base of the Turkish Air Force in the capital Ankara's northwest, on April 25.

The aircraft passed its first engine start test in early February.