Lufthansa cancels another 2,000 summer flights

German national carrier Lufthansa said Wednesday it was scrapping another 2,000 flights this summer because of staff shortages, adding to a chaotic travel season as the industry attempts to bounce back from the pandemic.

The cancellations between now and the end of August will affect Lufthansa's hubs in Munich and Frankfurt, a company spokesman told AFP.

More Pains than Gains for Organised Labour in Law and Justice’s Poland

The ambulance workers have, in theory, chosen to be freelancers, as they also have the option of taking up permanent employment with the service. In practice though, self-employment tends to be the only offer on the table. For the managers, treating the paramedics like Uber drivers makes sense - it delivers savings and greater flexibility.

Uber and Waymo team up to get driverless trucks rolling

Uber and Google's autonomous vehicle unit Waymo said they are joining forces to get driverless trucks hauling cargo on roads across the United States.    

Due to the vast distances between American cities and with truck transport key to the economy, companies see self-driving as a way to cut costs and reduce risk.    

Companies envision taxis flying above jammed traffic

As urban traffic gets more miserable, entrepreneurs are looking to a future in which commuters hop into "air taxis" that whisk them over clogged roads.    

Companies such as Archer, Joby and Wisk are working on electric-powered aircraft that take off and land vertically like helicopters then propel forward like planes.    

Tech platforms facing rebellions

When Jak found online marketplace Etsy, it seemed like the perfect match: a tech platform for small traders to sell handmade items that promised to be a creative outlet and bring tidy profits.

Five years later, Jak is one of thousands in open rebellion against the place they once saw as a safe haven - part of a growing trend of users rising up against tech platforms.

ZSSS highlights issues of platform workers on decent work day

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s largest trade union association, ZSSS, drew attention to platform workers – cleaners, food delivery persons, care workers and others as a group who often lacks any worker or social rights, urging the Labour Ministry to introduce a legislative framework to prevent unfair practices.

Uber to offer services on Santorini via local partner

The well-known ride-hailing and delivery platform service Uber will soon be available on iconic Santorini, Greece's best-known island destination. According to a press release, Uber's Comfort service will be made available through a local partner, identified as FOR-ES.

Customers will be able to access the service via the regular Uber app.