Indictment against prominent lawyer withdrawn

Celje – A long-running trial over allegedly bogus consultancy contract related to the 2007 acquisition of stock of a fish-processing company by builder Vegrad has collapsed after a court-appointed expert found that consultancy services were in fact provided and the prosecution withdrew the indictment against prominent lawyer Miro Senica and co-defendants.

Večer says 24 April election will come too late

Ljubljana – President Borut Pahor has decided to call a general election on the first possible date, 24 April 2022, “but if he expected to calm down the increasingly tense situation in the country, he was very wrong”, the newspaper Večer says in Saturday’s commentary under the headline No Reprieve.

Two women stabbed in separate incidents

Ljubljana – Two women were stabbed on Monday morning in separate incidents involving male perpetrators, both of whom have been apprehended. Both wounded women have been hospitalised.

In Postojna, a man stabbed a 22-year-old woman several times, the Koper Police Department said, adding that the woman had been taken to hospital, while the suspect had been apprehended.

Minister says Covid pass introduced to restrain epidemic not enforce vaccination

Maribor – Health Minister Janez Poklukar said in an interview with the newspaper Večer that the expansion of the Covid pass requirement had been introduced to put the epidemic under control not to force anyone to get vaccinated. He said hospitals would soon need to restrict access to their services due to rising Covid-19 hospitalisations.

Trade union confederations leaving Economic and Social Council

Ljubljana – Trade union confederations decided on Thursday to leave the Economic and Social Council (ESS), the country’s main industrial relations forum. The main reason is the “government’s systematic violation of rules on the functioning of the ESS”. More detail is to be presented at a press conference on Friday.