"EU's steel measures won't significantly affect Serbia"

"Our estimation is that within the proposed protective measures on steel imports, the usual trade flows of Serbia for the three product categories would not be affected at all or at least would not be significantly affected," Juncker, who heads the European Commission, said in a letter published by the Serbian president's office.

"Rosu can go to North under two conditions; rest are lies"

And these are KFOR's permission, and the consent of the Serb community, Vucic said.

"That's the whole truth, the only truth. Whoever says otherwise, is the worst kind of liar," the president said.

He also pointed out that an agreement was made that explicitly meant there would be "no rifles" in northern Kosovo.

President: It's clear, negotiations are "ad acta"

Asked by a journalist about Haradinaj's claim he is ready to recognize Kosovo in exchange for a part of its territory, Vucic asked "what he should say at all, and whether he had any need to deny these allegations made in the text, which has no particular weight, except to insinuate something about the relationship between Serbia and Russia."

"Higher growth allows for capital investments"

Vucic recalled that it is now difficult to get investments from Turkey because of the high inflation rate and the minimum wage of 210 euros in that country - much lower than in Serbia. "Why should somebody come to us from Turkey, when they can pay their workers less in their own country, and find as well-trained a workforce as we have.

Vucic in Moscow: "We got everything we looked for"

Vucic stressed that they agreed on "every topic of discussion."

"We got everything that we looked for. We agreed on everything," he told TASS, adding that he "could not reveal the details."

The Russian agency quoted Vucic as saying that he thanked the Russian president for supporting Serbia's territorial integrity and sovereignty.