Westinghouse Electric Company

Westinghouse Picks М3 Communications for Its PR Agency in Bulgaria

Leading Bulgarian PR firm М3 Communications Group, Inc. will back US-based Westinghouse Electric's efforts to move forward with planned expansion of Bulgaria's Kozloduy nuclear power plant.

"Westinghouse Electric Company today announced its decision to work with М3 Communications Group, Inc.," Sofia-based M3 Communications Group said in a statement on Wednesday.

Westinghouse Picks 3 Bulgarian Companies for Kozloduy NPP

US-based Westinghouse Electric Company has signed memoranda of understanding with three Bulgarian companies advancing the building of Kozloduy NPP Unit 7's reactor.

In an official message Westinghouse said the Bulgarian-owned entities were EnergoService Ltd., ENPRO CONSULT Ltd. and OSKAR-EL Ltd.