ICR head on efforts to promote Romanian values online, optimistic about return to live events in fall

Acting president of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) Mirel Talos is optimistic that the events scheduled for this fall will be organised live, remarking the Institute's capacity to adapt during the pandemic and diversify the online promotion of Romanian intellectual values.

‘Dairy Philosopher’ to make home-made films for YouTube

In 2015, his character popularized the philosophy of "something else is possible." Now, five years on, he's planning to do the same thing in real life. Müfit Can Saçıntı, who starred in the 2015 hit "The Dairy Farm Philosopher," is set to put the maxim into practice by turning internet-based cinema into a sustainable business.

Summer Getaway! Where It Is Worth To Spend the Weekends ?

The season in the summer resorts in Bulgaria officially starts on May 15, but things really happen after May 24th, comments Nova Diana Kolcheva, chairman of the Hotelier Club, in "Hello, Bulgaria".

She stressed that between 24 May and 25 June, Bulgarian tourists can benefit from all the price offers from the pure Black Sea.