EU plans intensive talks on future enlargement procedure

The President of the European Council said on Friday the bloc will be holding intensive discussions in coming weeks on how future enlargement should be managed.

Charles Michel, who was in the Albanian capital, Tirana, to meet with Prime Minister Edi Rama, said all member countries "are unanimous on one point — that the Western Balkans' future should be toward Europe."

Transparency Questions over Albanian Effort to Rid Courts of Corruption

For the first time, however, the IMO observer assigned to the case - Italian judge Ferdinando Buatier de Mongeot - objected, and asked that his dissenting opinion be published alongside the Chamber's decision.

Huddled in conference, the Chamber's judges voted 6-1 against the request, according to documents obtained by BIRN via a freedom of information request.

Independent Media in Central and Southeast Europe Under ‘Assault’ – Report

The report, Fighting Words: Journalism Under Assault in Central and Eastern Europe, issued on Wednesday by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and the University of Oxford evaluates the situation of the media in the region by drawing on interviews with about a hundred journalists in 16 countries during 2019.

Albania ‘Held Mentally Ill Man in Prison Illegally’

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg said on Tuesday that it had found in favour of Arben Strazimiri, who was detained in a prison hospital because Albania does not have specialist healthcare institutions for people who have been ordered to undergo compulsory treatment for mental illness.