Merkel Hedges Bets on Albania’s EU Candidacy

Germany's leader has given a cautious thumbs-up to Albania's application to obtain EU candidate status, while declining to commit Germany one way or the other ahead of an important report.

“We treat countries on the EU path based on the reports coming from the European Commission,” Chancellor Merkel told a press conference in Berlin held with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Albania Greets EU Decision on Pre-Accession Funds

Albania’s EU Integration minister, Klajda Gjosha, described the decision as “testimony to an efficient public administration, which Brussels can back without equivocation.

“I also consider this also a clear message for the Albanian government to advance reforms in order to guarantee progress for its citizens,” she added.

Special court to be set up in The Hague after all

BRUSSELS – Those accused of organ harvesting and trafficking crimes that are the subject of a report by former Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty will be tried before a special court in The Hague and not in Pristina as sought by the Kosovo government, Tanjug has learned from diplomatic sources in Brussels.

Albania Promises Ex-Political Prisoners €13.1m

Albania's government has pledged to end the hold-ups in compensation payments that have angered former political prisoners in the country. “The problem is much bigger than our ability to resolve it immediately,” Prime Minister Rama said.

“We will try first to close the wounds of their moral mistreatment while proceeding with the material compensation,” he added.