Saudi Arabia says seeks to use own uranium for nuclear project

Saudi Arabia plans to use its own uranium resources to develop the kingdom's civilian nuclear programme, its energy minister has said.

The world's biggest oil exporter is trying to reduce its dependence on crude and announced in 2018 a plan to build 16 nuclear reactors over two decades. 

Alexis Tsipras’ series of meetings in Brazil at president Lula’s swearing-in ceremony

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras, who has been invited to the swearing-in ceremony of the new president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, had a series of brief meetings and conversations with heads of state during his visit, party sources said on Monday.

K-pop star sparks fan craze in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has been gripped by "Jin" fever, with fans thronging to catch a glimpse of the K-pop superstar from BTS making what could be his last public appearance in a while.

Ahead of signing on for military service in South Korea, 29-year-old singer-songwriter Jin was set to make a guest appearance on Oct. 28 with Coldplay on the Argentine leg of the British rock band's tour.

Turkish lesson given based on TV series in Argentina

Turkish lessons have started to be given in an Argentine university based on Turkish TV series as the productions have broken audience records, especially in Latin America.

As well as millions of dollars in exports, the interest in Turkish TV series all over the world paves the way for the introduction of Türkiye's history and culture to the world,

Ethereum and Monero: Which Project Is More Ecologically Friendly?

Environmental Aspect of Cryptocurrencies: Ethereum vs Monero

The climate and energy debate gets more heated every year. So do the criticisms of energy-intensive cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin network uses more energy than some countries like Argentina (with a population of 45 million). A single BTC transaction emits 300kg of carbon dioxide.