Dacic to visit Argentina and Chile

BELGRADE - Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic will begin his four-day South American tour on Tuesday, during which he will visit Argentina and Chile.

Dacic will visit Argentina on Tuesday, where he will confer with Foreign Minister Hector Timerman and other high officials and businessmen, the Serbian Foreign Ministry released.

Argentina not to recognize Kosovo's independence

BRUSSELS - Argentina will not recognize the independence of Kosovo-Metohija, Argentina's Ambassador to Serbia Ricardo Fernandez stated on Tuesday at the meeting with Serbian Minister of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin.

Vulin thanked Fernandez on support that Argentina is offering to Serbia with a view to preserving its territorial integrity.

Volleyball federation sanctions Iran for barring women fans

The international volleyball federation FIVB on Nov. 9 said it will not allow Iran to host international events as long as women are banned from attending the game.
The announcement comes a week after a British-Iranian women, Goncheh Ghavami, was jailed by a Tehran court, five months following her arrest in the city after trying to attend a volleyball match.

Lies, dictatorships and statistics

Whenever the Turkish Statistical Office (TÜİK) releases an official statistic, I always get emails from at least a couple of readers who question the data. They have a point. After all, in a country where a multi-billion dollar graft scandal has been covered and murderers walk free, a few massaged numbers should not be a big deal.

Discussion on cooperation between Serbia,Argentina capitals

BELGRADE - Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali and Argentine Ambassador to Serbia Ricardo Fernandez discussed establishment of cooperation between the Serbian capital and Buenos Aires.

During the meeting, Mali presented plans for development of Belgrade and Ambassador Fernandez showed great interest in them, the City Administration said in a release on Wednesday.