Germany only one of Greece’s big tourist markets on list of approved flights

Greece announced on Friday that it would be opening its borders to tourists from 29 countries on June 15, although Germany is the only country from the list of the five key markets for Greece's tourism sector, as the UK, Italy, France and the US continue to have high rates of coronavirus infections.

AFP: Bulgaria Pins Hopes on TB Vaccine Against the Coronavirus

In the worldwide battle against COVID-19, scientists are investigating whether a century-old tuberculosis vaccine might offer some additional protection against the novel coronavirus.

And Bulgaria -- one of the world's leading manufacturers of the vaccine -- is holding out hope of new markets for the many millions of doses it produces each year.

One of France's Richest People Admitted of Being a Spy When He Was a Teenager

A newspaper mogul ranked among France's richest 25 people has admitted he was a teenage spy who hacked the mobile phone of President Mitterrand.

Xavier Niel, 52, is the co-owner of Le Monde newspaper and the 21st richest person in France with an estimated fortune of €8 billion.

New super-Earth planet discovered

Astronomers in New Zealand have discovered a new "one in a million" super-Earth planet.

According to a report by India-based technology news website TechExplorist, scientists at the University of Canterbury have discovered the planet by using a microlensing technique.

The details of the study were published in The Astronomical Journal.

Turkey evacuates expats from 107 countries

Turkey has repatriated its nationals from 107 countries so far amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"The number of countries in which we have evacuated our citizens has reached 107. This number is increasing day after day," Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kıran said on May 6 in a live broadcast on the Instagram account of
the Ankara-based Turkish Writers' Union.

Number of abandoned animals increases in Turkey amid virus

Pet adoption rates have decreased by 90 percent in Turkey, as people have confined themselves to their houses.

While there has been a pet adoption boom in some countries such as the U.S., U.K. and Australia in times of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an opposite trend in Turkey, with much fewer people wanting to adopt pets.