From Today: Bulgaria to begin Receiving Full Quantities of Gas under the Contract with Azerbaijan

Starting today, Bulgaria will start receiving the entire quantities of natural gas under the contract with Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Energy informed BNR. However, this will not happen through the Bulgarian-Greek gas connection, but at the temporary delivery point Nea Mesimvria. The interconnector is expected to be ready in the fall, according to the ministry's response.

Some 4,500 hectares of land burned in Marmaris wildfires

Some 4,500 hectares of green lands have been turned to ashes by the wildfires that took five days of massive efforts in the Aegean province of Muğla's Marmaris district before being put out completely.

The first wildfires in the country this summer started late on June 21 in the Börtübed neighborhood as an arsonist set fires in three locations inside the Calabrian pine forests.

Slovenia women’s team take bronze at European Archery Championships

Munich – The Slovenian women’s team won bronze in the Olympic recurve bow discipline at the European Archery Championships in Munich on Sunday.

Ana Umer, Urška Čavič and Nina Corel defeated Denmark 5:3 (201:196) in the bronze medal match for what is the best result for Slovenian women recurve bow archers since the 2005 Mediterranean Games in Almeria.

Bulgaria: What is the Price of Natural Gas for June

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission approved the price of natural gas, as of June 1, 2022, in the amount of BGN 141.36 / MWh (excluding prices for access, transmission, excise and VAT). At this price, Bulgargaz will sell natural gas to the final suppliers of natural gas and to persons who have been issued a license for production and transmission of heat.

Natural Gas in Bulgaria will be Cheaper this Month

The price of natural gas in Bulgaria in June will be lower than in May.

This became clear after the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWR) published the proposal of the state supplier Bulgargaz, proposing that the price of gas for June be BGN 141.28 / MWh.

For May, EWRC approved the price of natural gas of BGN 162.17 / MWh.