Greece can help against embargo, says Qatari human rights chief

The president of Qatar's National Human Rights Committee hopes that, as a key member of the European Union and the European Parliament, Greece can play an important role in alerting the international community to the need to end the diplomatic crisis between his country and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt.

Europe's Royals to Gather for Romanian Ex-King's Funeral

Members of several European royal houses, as well as royals from as far away as Bahrain and Japan, are set to gather in Bucharest at the end of the week to attend the funeral of Romania's last monarch, King Michael I, who died last week aged 96.

The king died at his modest residence in the village of Aubonne , in Switzerland, after over a year of battling cancer.

Trump’s former strategist Bannon: Turkey is more dangerous than Iran!


Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart and former chief strategist of the Trump administration, has said Turkey is the biggest danger for the US, Asharq Al-Avsat reported. “Turkey is the biggest danger for us [the US]! … No, not even close to [its neighbor] Iran…” said Bannon.

Serious Interest in Bulgarian Innovative Ideas at Dubai World Expo

8 Bulgarian companies took part in GITEX - the largest technology exhibition in the Middle East. It was held from 8 to 12 October at the World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE. 

The Ministry of Economy and the Bulgarian Investment Agency (BAI) supported financially the Bulgarian start-up companies with space and stand during the exhibition.

The US Senate Approved John Huntsman as a New Ambassador to Russia

The US Senate voted in favor of the appointment of former Utah Governor John Huntsman as the country's ambassador to Moscow, Reuters reports.

The Senate approved Huntsman, who was the US ambassador to Beijing during former President Barack Obama. He was also an ambassador to Singapore during President George W. Bush.