4.42690871398 Ciamba on art.7: Romanian Presidency at EU Council is ready to listen to everyone

AGERPRES special correspondent Tudor Martalogu reports: The Romanian Presidency at the EU Council, as an honest broker, is ready to listen to everyone, Minister-delegate for European Affairs George Ciamba argued on Tuesday in respect to article 7 (of the EU Treaty) regarding the rule of law in Poland and regarding the observance of the EU values in Hungary, a topic included on the agenda of the

GERB has Announced that it will Restore the Preferential Vote

Three days after the final adoption of the elected law amendments they have opted for, the government refused to change the rules for preferential voting and its intention to keep the current Central Electoral Commission (CEC) to hold MEPs' election despite its expiring term, reports Dnevnik. 

The Original of Bulgaria's First Constitution will be Displayed in Parliament

The original of the Turnovo and the Silver Constitution, as well as the personal belongings of Petko Slaveikov will be displayed in the National Assembly. The exhibition is dedicated to 140 years from the adoption of the first Bulgarian Constitution, reports BNT.