In the Period January - June 2019 Bulgarian Exports to the EU Grew by 5.1%

In the period January - June 2019 Bulgarian exports to the EU grew by 5.1% in comparison with the same period of 2018 and amounted to 19 029.6 Million BGN (Annex, Table 1 and 2). Main trade partners of Bulgaria were Germany, Romania, Italy, Greece, France and Belgium which accounted for 67.1% of the exports to the EU Member States.

BIFE-SIM 2019 furniture fair opened on Thursday at Romexpo

The international trade fair for furniture, equipment and accessories - BIFE-SIM 2019 opened its gates on Thursday in Bucharest at Romexpo and over 230 Romanian and international companies are exhibiting various styles of furniture, from classic to modern, from solid wood to the one combined with glass or leather, or even hand-painted.

In 2018 the Goods Exported From Bulgaria amounted to BGN 56 030.4 Million

In 2018 the goods exported from Bulgaria amounted to 56 030.4 Million BGN or 2.6% more than in 2017. In comparing monthly data for 2018 with data for the corresponding month of the previous year the highest growth in exports was observed in January (14.6%), while the most notable fall was registered in February (5.0%).

Hungary’s Celebrations Over Enlargement Post May Prove Premature

He is a distinguished legal scholar, specializing in constitutional and European law. No dry academic, he is a pleasant person, with a background in diplomacy.

A two-times ambassador, to Belgium and France, he is one of those few Hungarian politicians who speak both French and English.

CERT-RO: Ten youngsters were selected to represent Romania to European Cyber Security Challenge 2019

The team that will represent Romania to the European Cyber Security Challenge 2019 (ECSC) was selected at the end of last week, after a boot camp in Bran, the Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team (CERT-RO) announced on its Facebook page.

Over 1400 Victims of the Extremely Hot Summer in France

Extremely hot weather in June and July killed 1 435 people in France, a spokesman for the French health ministry said.

Most of the victims are elderly, but there are some who have lost their lives at work. According to the ministry, because of preventive measures, the death toll was significantly lower than in 2003. At that time, the death toll was nearly 15,000.

The EU Has Opened a Register of Terrorism Cases

All EU countries can use it and are called to report suspected data.

The EU Legal Cooperation Office has announced that it is opening a register on counter-terrorism. The aim is to strengthen the response of EU law enforcement authorities to terrorist threats and to improve citizens' security, the Communication said.