History: How many Times were Diplomatic Relations between Russia and Bulgaria Severed

If we look at history, there are not many cases in which relations between Bulgaria and Russia at the state level were as bad as they are at the moment.

The war in Ukraine and the wider conflict between the West and Russia have led to a situation unprecedented in the last 30 years, in which Moscow and Sofia are on the verge of severing diplomatic relations.

Opposition to ‘French Proposal’ Mounts in North Macedonia

The draft proposal France sent to North Macedonia last week to unclog the country's EU accession talks, by removing the Bulgarian blockade over history and identity issues, is to be sent to the parliament, a meeting between the partners in the ruling Social Democrat-led coalition on Sunday decided.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 183 New Cases in the Last 24 hours

183 are the new cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria in the last 24 hours. 13.5% of the 1,353 tests performed were positive.

369 patients with COVID-19 are being treated in hospital, 26 of them are in intensive care units.

There have been no deaths as a result of the infection in the last 24 hours, and 15 people have been cured.

70 Diplomats and Employees of the Russian Embassy are Leaving Bulgaria

The Russian diplomats and employees of the Russian embassy, whom Bulgaria has declared as persona non grata, must leave Bulgaria by midnight today.

They will travel with their families, and according to unconfirmed information, they will be transported on two planes in the early afternoon.

At least 3,000 Dead Dolphins in the Black Sea – Military Sonars Blind them

At least 3,000 dolphins have fallen victim to Russia's military operations against Ukraine in the northern part of the Black Sea. Prof. Ivan Rusev, head of the "Research" department at the National Natural Park "Tuzlovsky limani" in Ukraine, claims this in his post on Facebook.