Bulgarian Political Landscape: WCC Rejects Government Talks, BSP Clarifies Stance

"We Continue the Change" (WCC) has declared its decision not to participate in government negotiations within Bulgaria's 50th National Assembly. The stance, affirmed by the party's National Council and endorsed at a meeting of WCC deputies, reflects a firm rejection of engaging in talks for a third government term.

Bulgarian "Rusophiles" Leader and Former Security Service Employee Charged with State Secrets Violation

Zlatomir Devlenski, chairman of the Bulgarian movement "Rusophiles" in Plovdiv, and former State Agency "National Security" (SANS) employee Ivan Galabov, who were arrested yesterday, have now been formally charged, reports the Bulgarian National Television (BNT). The Plovdiv prosecutor's office revealed that they face accusations of disclosing information classified as a state secret.

Bulgaria's Former Defense Minister: NATO's Stance on Ukraine Membership Unlikely to Change

Former Defense Minister of Bulgaria, Professor Todor Tagarev, expressed skepticism regarding Ukraine's immediate NATO membership prospects, attributing this to the differing positions of certain member countries, as reported by the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) amidst the NATO summit in Washington.

Danube Bridge Overhaul Begins: Ruse Prepares for Two-Year Construction

The Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) has announced the commencement of a significant overhaul project for the Danube bridge near Ruse, Bulgaria, set to begin on July 10. Valued at over BGN 44.8 million, the repair will be funded from the RIA's budget and is scheduled to span two years.

Bulgargaz Seeks 400 Million Euros from Gazprom in Arbitration Claim

Bulgargaz, Bulgaria's state gas supplier, has initiated legal proceedings against Gazprom, the Russian energy giant, seeking 400 million euros in compensation for damages caused by the unilateral suspension of natural gas supplies over two years ago, by the end of April 2022, reports BNT.

Cultural Buzz: Bulgaria's Hermes Statue Captures Global Attention

A remarkable statue of the god Hermes has been unearthed during excavations at the archaeological site of Heraclea Sintica near Petrich, marking a significant discovery for Bulgaria. According to archaeologist Prof. Dr. Ludmil Wagalinski, this find represents the first well-preserved statue of its kind found in the country.

Expectations from the NATO Summit: Bulgaria's Role in Collective Defense and Regional Stability

A report by GLOBSEC highlights the expectations of the eastern flank ahead of the NATO summit in Washington. Leaders are meeting today to talk until the end of the week at a time when NATO is in its most complex geopolitical situation since its inception.

Tragic Day on Bulgaria's Roads: 7 Fatalities and 46 Injuries

In the past 24 hours, seven people have died and 46 others were injured in accidents across Bulgaria, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

In the capital, there were three serious accidents, resulting in three injuries, with one person in critical condition. Additionally, there were 26 minor accidents.