Bulgaria Celebrates 173 years Since the Birth of Hristo Botev

Today marks 173 years since the birth of Hristo Botev.

A garland of glory will be laid in front of the monument of the great Bulgarian poet and revolutionary in his hometown of Kalofer. The solemn ceremony will begin with a military ritual from the yard of the Hristo Botev National Museum.

Another Balkan Country Rocked by Quake – Magnitude 4 Tremor in Romania

A magnitude 4 earthquake on the Richter scale was registered at 1.50am on Wednesday in Olt region, southern Romania. The quake was at a depth of 10 km and was felt in Pleven, Bulgaria.

No casualties or destruction have been reported.

Since the beginning of the year, seven earthquakes with magnitude from 2 to 4 on the Richter scale have been recorded in Romanian.


Bulgaria: Remote Learning and Sedentary Mode of Life, How to Make Children Exercise

If the lockdown is extended, physical education teachers and sports professionals will have to put to use all their creativity skills and imagination and think of exercise games for children, said for Horizont Before Noon radio show Joanna Dochevska, Chair of the Management Board of the Association for the Development of Bulgarian Sport.

Bulgarian Athlete Becomes Supermodel of Universe 2020

Bulgaria's republican athletics champion became the winner of the Supermodel of the Universe 2020 competition. Ivan Bulkin from Plovdiv got the upper hand over 20 international models who took part in the competition, Nova TV reported.

This year's edition was supposed to be held in Malaysia, but due to anti-pandemic measures it was held online.

Simeon Djankov: Next 3-4 Months Will Be Hard for Bulgaria

"Three or four difficult months are in store for the Bulgarian economy. Our major trading partners - Britain, Germany, France - are introducing severe ant-epidemic measures and this will affect all sectors of our economy. The difficulties of vaccination are mounting. Investments in Bulgaria last year shrank by 60%.

BGN 24/Day Support Program for Workers of Suspended Businesses Is Extended

Bulgaria's Minister of Labor and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva has issued a new order on the compensation for those employed in businesses temporarily suspended because of Coved-19 epidemic, the Ministry announced.

The previous order provided a fixed daily compensation of    BGN 24. As of January 1, 2021, it is 75% of the social security income for October 2020.

Bulgarian Immunologist: New Coronavirus Strain May Not Be Affected by Existing Vaccines

The latest strain of the coronavirus looms large on the horizon, and there is a risk of other new strains appearing. It is highly unlikely that 2021 will mark be the end of the epidemic, according to Assoc. Prof. Velizar Shivarov, Head of the Clinical Immunology Laboratory at Sofiamed University Hospital.