Majority of UN Countries Asked for a Ceasefire in Gaza: Bulgaria Abstained

A total of 153 countries called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza in a vote at the UN General Assembly.

The resolution demanding an end to hostilities by Israel and the Islamist movement "Hamas" is non-binding. It follows a Security Council vote under a procedure set in motion by the UN secretary-general, in which such a ceasefire text was blocked by the United States.

Race and Exclusion in State Socialism: African Students in Communist Albania

Encounters between Albanians and Africans in Western Europe accentuate the ethno-racial distinction between 'diasporic' communities as they struggle for recognition and resources.

But how, in the past, did communist ideology mediate relations between Albanians and Africans?

Albanian ties to anti-colonial figures

Greece pushes back more than 41,000 migrants since 2020: Report

Greece has pushed back a total of 41,523 irregular migrants to Turkish waters between 2020 and May 31, 2022, according to a report by Turkey's Ombudsman Institution (KDK).

The report also said that 53 irregular migrants in 2021 and 33 others in 2022 lost their lives - either drowned or froze to death - due to pushbacks.

The plan of Israel, Cyprus and Greece for LNG exports to Europe

Israel pledged its support to its European allies in their quest for energy security and independence through Energy Minister Karin Elharar during yesterday's ministerial meeting with Costas Skrekas and Cypriot Minister Natasa Peleidou.

This was noted by Ms. Elharar in her statements promising gas exports from the fields of the Israeli EEZ to European markets.