Aselsan inks deal with Baykar

Aselsan, Türkiye's largest defense company, has signed an agreement with Baykar, the maker of Bayraktar drones, for electro-optical systems.

"An order has been received from Baykar Makina for electro-optical system deliveries with a total amount of $17.55 million," Aselsan announced in a filing with Borsa Istanbul.

Titanic shipwreck captured in first full digital scan

The first full-sized 3D scan of the Titanic shipwreck published on May 17 may reveal more details about the ocean liner's fateful journey across the Atlantic more than a century ago.

The high-resolution images, published by the BBC, reconstruct the wreck that lies at a depth of nearly 4,000 meters (13,100 feet) in great detail and were created using deep-sea mapping.

Over 100 Wildfires in Canada: 30,000 People Evacuated

More than 100 active wildfires in western Canada that continue to grow have led to new evacuation orders, AFP reported.

About 30,000 people have been asked to leave their homes in Alberta, where more than two dozen fires are still burning.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith called the situation "unprecedented" and declared a state of emergency on Saturday.

New cemetery for WWI soldiers to be built in France

Construction was launched on May 4 for a new cemetery in northern France that will be used to bury freshly discovered remains of World War I soldiers.

Bones are regularly found in the fields of northeastern France that were the scene of mass killings during the trench warfare of the 1914-1918 conflict.