Irish Authorities Intercept Bulgarian Ship 'Verila' Carrying Cocaine Valued at Millions

Irish law enforcement has seized the Bulgarian vessel "Verila" owned by the "Navigation Maritime Bulgare" Shipping Company at the Foynes port in County Limerick, uncovering a staggering cache of narcotics. Reports suggest that between 300 to 500 kilograms of cocaine were discovered onboard, with an estimated street value ranging from €20 million to €35 million.

Israel faces Gaza ceasefire calls, US vows more arms

Israel faced another round of global pressure on Tuesday for a ceasefire in Gaza with a new U.N. vote and fresh Western diplomatic efforts, although the United States vowed to continue arming its ally.

The U.N. Security Council was set to convene Tuesday to weigh a call for a ceasefire in the besieged Palestinian territory, after a previous bid was vetoed by the United States.

Marinka Has Fallen To The Russians

Russian occupiers have captured the completely destroyed city of Marinka, reported a number of Russian and Ukrainian military bloggers.

They refer to a publication by Nikolai Voroshnov, an air intelligence officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"Marinka has fallen, the Kurakhove fortress awaits us soon," he wrote on his Facebook profile.

The pre-election campaign is in its final phase, the election silence is approaching

On Thursday at midnight, the election silence comes into force and ends on Sunday at 20:00 with the closing of the polling stations.
On Sunday, December 17, 6,500,165 registered voters will be able to exercise their right to vote at one of a total of 8,273 polling stations.