Latin America virus cases top 1 mln as UK, Russia ease lockdowns  

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Latin America have surged past one million, while hard-hit Britain and Russia eased lockdowns on June 1, despite not having their outbreaks fully under control.    

Governments around the world are moving to ease restrictions that have wrecked their economies, even as the number of cases tops 6.1 million and virus deaths exceed 371,000.    

New super-Earth planet discovered

Astronomers in New Zealand have discovered a new "one in a million" super-Earth planet.

According to a report by India-based technology news website TechExplorist, scientists at the University of Canterbury have discovered the planet by using a microlensing technique.

The details of the study were published in The Astronomical Journal.

Scientists find black hole 1,000 light years from Earth

Scientists have discovered a black hole just 1,000 light years from Earth, the European Southern Observatory announced on May 6.

The black hole, which boasts a mass more than four-times that of our sun, is the closest to Earth known to exist. It was detected in the HR 6819 triple system in the Telescopium constellation.