Montenegro Signs Contract With Chinese Company to Build Coastal Highway

Montenegrin government and Shandong International Economic & Technical Cooperation Group representatives in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

According to the government, the company will build 16 kilometers of a new highway between the coastal towns of Budva and Tivat, and the 53-million-euros' worth project should be finished in two years.

The Pentagon is preparing the US Space Force for a possible Conflict with Russia and China in Space

The US Department of Defense has begun preparing the US Space Force (USSF) for a possible future conflict with Russia and China in space, the Wall Street Journal reported. The decision comes amid Russia and China deploying lasers and missiles that could disable satellites and disrupt civilian communications.

Russia says oil sales to India soar

Russian oil sales to India surged more than twentyfold last year as European buyers turned to other markets following the conflict in Ukraine, Russia's deputy prime minister said yesterday.

Russia shifted its oil exports to India and China last year as European Union nations sought to end their reliance on Russian energy supplies after Moscow sent troops into neighboring Ukraine.

Apple enjoys ‘symbiotic’ relationship with China, Cook says

Apple enjoys a "symbiotic" relationship with China, CEO Tim Cook said on March 25, as the iPhone giant looks to move production out of the country.

Cook, who is in China to attend the high-profile China Development Forum, said "Apple and China grew together," during an interview on the role of technology in education.