This Year China will Launch up to Eight New Satellites from the Beidou Navigation System

This year China will launch six to eight new satellites from the Beidou navigation system, officials said yesterday at the 10th China Satellite Navigation Conference.

Two or three satellites will be launched in 2020 when the Beidou-3 system will be fully completed, said China's Directorate for Satellite Navigation, Zheng Cheng Xin.

FAA: It Is Still not Clear When the Boeing 737 Max Will Return to the Sky

Aviation regulators from around the world are gathering to decide when Boeing 737 MAX will return to the sky, Nova TV reported. The meeting will be conducted by the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) On this meeting can be can be established an eventual timetable on when aircraft from this model can be re-used.

EU Attention Finally Rests on the Balkans Amid Growing Chinese Influence

There are currently five major Balkan candidates for EU enlargement: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, and North Macedonia and Turkey. While talks with Turkey have stuttered, the remaining countries could prove pivotal for the EU to continue its policy of enlargement of its union of democratic markets.

#EuropeanParliamentElections2019/Interview/UDMR's Kelemen: Fate of some communities should be just as important as pig slaughter or cucumber curvature

Chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor argues that it is in the interest of the Hungarian community to be strongly represented in the European Parliament (EP) and mentions that his political formation benefited, in the electoral campaign for the elections to the European Parliament, from the support of Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban, as well as that of

Bulgarian PM Borisov Attended Opening of a New Plant Creating 200 Jobs in Northeastern Bulgaria

Good investment with 200 new jobs. This is industrialization and income growth. This was stated by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in the village of Karapelit, Dobrich district at the opening of a new production line of a plant for the production of oil. The company is processing 500 tons of sunflower per day, with 80% of the production being exported to the EU, China and the Middle East.