World Boutique Hotel Awards: Santorini hotel most romantic in the world (photos)

One of Santorini’s boutique resorts, the “Aenaon Villas”, was included among the world’s top in the “World Boutique Hotel Awards” for 2016. “Aenaon Villas” claimed top honours in the category “World’s Most Romantic Hotel”, during the glittering dinner held at the Merchant Taylor’s Hall in London, this week.

Top 5 most dangerous places to swim in! (photos)

Thrill seekers are addicted to visiting places around the world that can give them that adrenaline rush they look for. But even the most intrepid of them would think twice before experiencing some of the most beautiful, yet dangerous, pools or waterfalls. Here are the five most hazardous places to take a dive in.

1. Victoria Falls, Zambia

Santorini resort amongst National Geographic Society’s Top 24 ‘unique lodges’

The National Geographic Society this week announced its “Unique Lodges of the World” list, which includes one resort in Greece, the Kapari Natural Resort on the iconic volcano island of Santorini.

The list includes three sites in South Africa out of a total of 24 properties around the world.