Hamas demands written commitment from Israel on Gaza truce

Hamas has demanded a "clear written commitment" that Israel will withdraw from the Gaza Strip during the second of a three-phase ceasefire deal, a senior Egyptian official and a Hamas official said yesterday.

"We confirm our readiness to reach a deal regarding a serious exchange of prisoners between the two sides," Hamas said.

Biden Calls for Gaza Ceasefire Amidst Criticism of Netanyahu's Approach

US President Joe Biden has urged Israel to unilaterally call for a 6- to 8-week ceasefire in Gaza, criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's approach as a "mistake." This follows Biden's recent public pressure on Israel's conduct during the conflict, particularly after the deaths of seven aid workers in an airstrike.

Netanyahu Signals Imminent Ground Offensive in Rafah Amid Ceasefire Talks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that a ground offensive in Rafah is imminent, though no specific timing was provided. He emphasized the necessity of entering Rafah for a decisive victory over Hamas. Meanwhile, Hamas indicated dissatisfaction with an Israeli proposal mediated by Egypt and Qatar.