Sisi says Egypt truce plan 'real chance' to end Gaza clashes

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Aug. 2 an Egyptian truce plan provides a "real chance" to end the Gaza conflict, stressing the need for its speedy implementation.

"The Egyptian proposal is the real chance to find a solution to the crisis in Gaza and to end the bloodshed," Sisi told a joint news conference with visiting Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

High time for Turkey

Last week American television journalist Charlie Rose hosted former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. When answering Rose’s question on Israel-Palestine, Clinton said: “Turkey is the principal interlocutor that I would look to.”

African slaves in the Ottoman Empire

“A class of human beings that has formed an integral part of Muslim society up to the present day is that of the slaves. [the Prophet] Muhammad took over the slavery system, upon which ancient society was based, seemingly without question and regarding it as part of the natural order of the universe.

Films help Lebanese come to terms with dark past

Residuals of the misery and loss from the civil war still dominates the mood and topics of the Lebanese cinema, with particularly the movies of the recent years focusing on tackling tragedies of the past Lebanon’s civil war ended a quarter of a century ago but its filmmakers remain fixated on this dark period, seeing their movies as a kind of catharsis to help heal collective trauma.

France evacuating nationals from Libya

France was evacuating its nationals from Libya on Tuesday amid increasing lawlessness and unrest, a government source said, after similar moves by other European nations.
There are less than 100 French nationals in Libya and they will be taken out of the country by ship, the source said, adding that the operation would be over by the afternoon.