Linking F-16s sale with Nordic states’ NATO bids ‘illogical’: Kalın

The efforts to link Türkiye's demand to buy F-16 jetfighters from the United States with its delayed ratification of Sweden and Finland's bid to join NATO are "illogical and counterproductive," a senior Turkish official has said, repeating that these two Nordic states will enter the alliance once they fulfill their commitments on the anti-terror fight.

This Week in Central Europe / 10 March 2023

In other news, the new Czech president finds a note in Prague Castle saying 'I'm afraid there is no booze left'; the Polish media's responsibility in the suicide of a youth comes under the spotlight; a Hungarian parliamentary delegation visits Sweden and Finland to demand "more respect" before the country accedes to their NATO accession; and Slovakia's caretaker prime minister, Eduard Heger, fo

Türkiye, Sweden, Finland to hold trilateral mechanism meeting

Türkiye will hold a trilateral mechanism meeting with Sweden and Finland on March 9 in Brussels to discuss the commitments of the Nordic countries for their bid to join NATO.

Presidential spokesperson Ambassador İbrahim Kalın and newly appointed Deputy Foreign Minister Burak Akçapar will attend the meeting.

Nearly 1 Million Euros have been Collected in Bulgaria for the Victims of the Earthquakes in Turkey

Nearly 1 million euros is the amount collected in Bulgaria from donations on the account opened to help the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey last month, reported the Turkish TV channel CNN-Turk, quoted by BTA.

The TV channel presents a report on the financial aid collected in various European countries for the areas of Turkey destroyed by the February 6 earthquakes.