CultMin Breaz and BC's Bellingham discuss stimulation of contemporary creation by programmes such as Creative Europe

Culture and National Identity Minister Valer-Daniel Breaz welcomed on Wednesday British Council (BC) Director Nigel Bellingham, occasion on which the two parties expressed their availability to stimulate contemporary creation through programmes such as the Creative Europe.

Political Issues in France Before the EP Election

Facing heavy losses in May's European Parliament election, France's two traditional major parties risk becoming just bit-part players in the two biggest blocs in the chamber, Politico reported.

That, in turn, will mean fewer influential posts for lawmakers and less clout in the Parliament for one of the EU's big powers and founding members.

PSD: Exoneration - the prompt action anywhere in EU for those sentenced in trials by illegal judicial panels

The ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) argues that in any EU member state, had trials been found to have been handled by illegal judicial panels or convictions to have been handed down based on illegal secret protocols, those convicted would have been immediately exonerated.

Hadalin wins silver in combined at Ski World Championship

The 23-year-old Slovenian was second only to Alexis Pinturault of France, while third place went to Marco Schwarz of Austria.

Hadalin was far back in 30th place after the downhill but had a superb performance in the slalom part of the event for what is by far his greatest career achievement.