France Gives Kosovo Film Director Top Cultural Award

Kosovo film-maker Blerta Zeqiri, known for her work inspired by issues like missing persons and LGBT rights, was honoured with France's top cultural award, the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters.

The French ambassador to Kosovo, Marie-Christine Butel, gave Blerta Zeqiri the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters award at a ceremony in the French embassy in Pristina on Tuesday.

Comic published so that the voice of Serb victims can be heard everywhere in the West

"The story follows the life of young Dimitri returning as refugee to Kosovo shortly before the anti-Serb riots in 2004. This romanticized drama is made up of real events and will show French audiences the recent history of the Balkans from another, less biased angle", Arnaud Gouillon wrote.

Greece must defend Western Balkans’ EU hopes

The history of Greece's foreign policy is a litany of strategic successes and missed opportunities. The same applies to the foreign policy of the European Union. Our national failures stem from the toxic combination of populism and fear of political cost. The failures of the EU usually result from diverging national interests among member-states.