Syria’s Assad takes oath after much maligned re-election

President Bashar al-Assad took the oath of office for a fourth term in war-ravaged Syria on July 17, after officially winning 95 percent of the vote in an election dismissed abroad.

It was the second presidential poll since the start of a decade-long civil war that has killed almost half a million people and battered the country's infrastructure.

Covid-19: New Strains Brings Travel Tensions between France and UK

It looks like a quarantine war has broken out between Great Britain and France:
London on Friday evening cracked down on the rules for those returning from beyond the Channel and yesterday Paris immediately responded by imposing a tampon in the previous 24 hours, instead of 48, for those who show up there from the UK.

France marked Republic Day Parade with planes, tanks and 5.000 soldiers VIDEO / PHOTO

The holiday was marked with precautionary measures due to the coronavirus.
About 5.000 members of all branches of the army took part in the parade as part of the Republic Day, and the parade was followed by the President of the state Emmanuel Macron, the state leadership of France and about 25.000 citizens.

France Day - Laurence Auer: We dedicate the ceremony to medical staff, vaccination efforts worldwide

French Ambassador in Bucharest Laurence Auer has dedicated Wednesday's celebration of her country's National Day - July 14 - to the medical staff involved in the fight against COVID-19 and vaccination efforts around the world.

Iohannis: Romanian-French friendship is solid and our strategic partnership is strong

President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that the Romanian-French friendship is solid and the strategic partnership between Romania and France is strong and must be deepened in the spirit of European values that the two countries share. "The Romanian-French friendship is solid and our strategic partnership is strong.

Speaker Orban: National Day of France is a day of celebration for us too

Chamber of Deputies Speaker and Liberal leader Ludovic Orban took today to Facebook to send a message on the National Day of France. "July 14, France's National Day, is a day of celebration for us too. The homeland of freedom and of a great civilization we have been in love with for centuries, France is the country that took in and hosted the Romanians since the beginning of the 19th century.

French Antitrust Regulator: Google to Pay USD 600 Mln over Neighboring Rights Issue

 France's Competition Authority on Tuesday imposed on Google a penalty of 500 million euros (almost USD 600 million) for non-compliance with one of its rulings made last year regarding the issue of the tech giant's compensations to French publishers for the use of their content.