Rama Conditions Medical Degrees on Five Years’ Work in Albania

The decision came as a measure to prevent the migration of medical students from the public university, who for years have left to work in Europe, especially Germany, soon after getting their degrees.

The plan has been public for some months, but was only passed on Wednesday and Prime Minister Edi Rama delivered the decision himself, wanting to send a "message", while presenting it.

The inevitable fiscal adjustment

Slowly but surely, the tightening of fiscal policy will be increasingly felt no matter whose view of the new Stability Pact prevails in the European Union - the regulations promoted by France and Italy, which are adapted to the peculiarities of each European country, or the rigid view of Germany and its 10 backers, or something in between.

Hotel occupancy rate at nearly 100 pct in some resort towns

Occupancy rates at resort towns on the Aegean coast have climbed to nearly 100 percent thanks to the long Eid al-Adha holiday, according to hoteliers in the region.

For instance, some 100,000 cars entered the popular destination of Bodrum in the province of Muğla within a space of four and a half days.