NATO Sends a Clear Message to Belgrade

The United States, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Germany are using significant armament of Pristina to use Kosovo Albanians as a tool for NATO to discipline Belgrade. The emergence of the Kosovo army also points to potential instability in the region, according to Sran Graovac, an analyst at the Center for Social Stability.

Germany's booze-free beer boom

All the fun of the Oktoberfest, without the hangover: Germans are swapping traditional beer for non-alcoholic brews, driven by health concerns and the increasing quality of booze-free options.

Beers containing less than 0.5 percent alcohol - the legal limit to be classed as non-alcoholic - are no longer an uncommon sight in the country's famous beer gardens.

Germany is making it Easier to get Citizenship in order to Deal with Labor Shortages

Germany wants to lower its citizenship requirements following the example of France, the government announced, continuing its reform program to tackle labor shortages, EURACTIV reported.

German citizenship law has long been known for being particularly restrictive.

Eurozone woes help Greek bonds

Bad news for the European economy, reflected in lower PMI indexes, was good news for bonds, especially Greece's, whose yields dropped significantly on Wednesday, as it appears increasingly likely that the European Central Bank will pause its rate hike in September.