A call to end the war?

"Besides arms deliveries and financial support, we have to propose perspectives to the growing critical issues in the US as well as in Germany," Ischinger wrote in an article for the German Tagespiegel newspaper.
At the same time, according to his words, "we cannot talk about demanding that Ukraine be ready for negotiations right now."

Apple to launch app dedicated to classical music

Apple on March 9 said it will start streaming classical music from a stand-alone app on March 28 as it seeks to distinguish itself from rivals Spotify and specialist platforms.

The iPhone giant said Apple Music Classical will offer "the world's largest classical music catalog," with exclusive albums and an advanced search functionality not seen on other apps.

Working as a Bulgarian Student in Europe: What You Need to Know About Work Permits

As more and more students choose to study abroad, many are also interested in working while pursuing their education. Nevertheless, international students often have a lot of questions about the process, including whether it's possible, how to do it if a work permit is needed, the number of hours allowed, and how much can I make.

The Iran wildcard

Late last month, as part of its monitoring of Iran's nuclear program, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported trace amounts of uranium at 84% enrichment. That's important, because 90% enrichment is required to produce a nuclear weapon.