Big “Potato Fraud” Exposed in Bulgaria

Large food chains and vegetable exchanges in Bulgaria sell German and French potatoes as Bulgarian production and thus mislead their customers, National Potato Growers Association alerted. They have submitted complaints to the National Revenue Agency, Consumer Protection Commission and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency with a request for inspection.

They came across obstacles upon arrival; Who thought China would allow them anything?

The goal of the WHO team is to start an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus at the place where it first appeared at the end of 2019.
However, the team of scientists immediately encountered obstacles, which followed up on a series of allegedly Chinese sabotages because China, it seems, is trying to control the investigation, Jutarnji list writes.

Greece fourth among Europeans’ dream destinations

Greece ranks fourth among the most popular destinations for Europeans planning their holidays, according to a report commissioned by the European Union that has not yet been published in its entirety.

The survey shows Greece has climbed one place in the top 10, leapfrogging over Germany among the preferred destinations for Europeans for 2021.