The Normandy landings and memory

The 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings, in which Germany is taking part and Russia is absent, highlight the benefits of memory - and its limits. The very few survivors of the murderous, decisive battle of World War II, and the leaders representing the warring sides, come together to honor the dead. The latter stress their determination to never allow such bloodletting to be repeated.

Security Measures Tighten: Germany Reinforces Borders for Euro 2024

Due to the upcoming Euro 2024 event scheduled from June 14 to July 14 in 10 cities across Germany, the German interior ministry has announced the temporary reinstatement of border controls starting Friday. The decision aims to enhance security measures by allowing German police to conduct checks at all of the country's borders.

British Tourists Lead the Surge on Bulgaria's Southern Black Sea Coast

The greatest growth of foreign tourists on the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast is expected from Great Britain, according to data from Burgas airport.

A conference was held in Nessebar under the motto "Experience Bulgaria" to promote Bulgarian tourism. Representatives from the tourism industry in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland were in attendance.