US Ambassador to Bulgaria: Democracy is Impossible without a Vibrant Civil Sector

"15 years have passed since the founding of the foundation and what has been achieved has touched life in Bulgaria. Why do we care about civil society? Why is it important to us? Because a democracy cannot exist without a vibrant civil sector." This was stated by the US ambassador to Bulgaria, Herro Mustafa.

In 5 Months Bulgaria has Exported over 1 Billion Euros worth of Weapons

In five months, Bulgaria exported weapons with a total value of 1,016,336,858 euros, reported BGNES.

The information is from the period March 1 to August 1, 2022. For the specified period, 289 permits were issued for the export and transfer of defense-related products.

Interior Minister accuses Western countries of staging psychological warfare against Türkiye

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has harshly criticized some prominent Western countries, including the United States, for closing their consulates and other missions in Istanbul over terror threat, accusing them of staging a psychological warfare against Türkiye.

Bulgaria is among the EU countries with the Highest Household Expenditure on Food and Soft Drinks

In 2021, EU households spent over 1.035 billion euros, which is equivalent to 7.1% of the total EU GDP, on "Food and non-alcoholic beverages", according to data from the official European statistics agency Eurostat.