Stabilization of Unemployment in the EU in March at the level of 6%, Decrease in Bulgaria to 3.7%

Eurozone unemployment fell in March to a record low of 6.5% from 6.6% in February and below the unemployment rate of 6.8% a year earlier (in March 2022). This is the lowest unemployment rate in the eurozone since 1998 - just before the euro was launched in January 1999, according to data from the European official statistics agency Eurostat.

A push to resolve Greek-Turkish disputes after upcoming elections?

Last week at the Delphi Economic Forum we heard Greece's main western partners - notably the US and Germany - hint that there will be a push to resolve long-standing Greek-Turkish disputes after the upcoming elections. At the same time, the Forum looked at the significance of the 3+1 partnership between Greece, Cyprus, Israel, and the US.

Germany hopes to help climate with discount travel card

Germany launches on Monday a new flat-rate public transport ticket valid across the country, but the 49-euro ($54) price point has raised doubts about the pass's potential impact.

Touting the monthly pass as a "revolution", policymakers hope it will bring some relief for consumers amid soaring inflation, and encourage people to favor mass transit in the name of the environment.

It started: Shop windows broken, tear gas thrown; Millions took to the streets? VIDEO

As the unions reported, a million people are expected on the streets in French cities.
Workers staged protest marches across France today, May 1, International Labor Day, unhappy that President Emmanuel Macron raised the retirement age and police fired tear gas in Paris and Nantes in the west of the country.