Greenland's Largest Airport Is Closing due to Climate Change

Greenland's largest airport will be closed due to climate change. The airport north of the capital Nuuk serves 11,000 aircraft annually and serves as a base for travel across the vast island.

The reason for the closure is the melting of the permafrost. The ever-frozen ground on which the airport was built began to melt from the higher temperatures. This causes cracks.

Capturing the ever-changing icebergs of Greenland

It's an ever-changing spectacular: steep ravines and undulating curves around tips and troughs in a landscape that underscores the imposing solitude of the Arctic. "Icebergs are magnetic in every respect, evolving works of art of nature. You can watch an iceberg and in three days it may capsize, break up, change into something entirely new.

Will Donald Trump Buy Greenland?

US president Donald Trump has repeatedly shown interest in buying Greenland from Denmark "in varying degrees of severity," the Wall Street Journal reported, citing global agencies.

The American daily cites unnamed current and former White House officials. According to quoted sources, the US president has asked his advisers to "consider the idea" of buying the largest island on Earth.

Editorial: The new great threat

The great fire in Evia which is burning down virgin forests is a reminder of our future.

It came to remind us again in a resounding manner that the times are changing dramatically, that the climate is evermore affecting our lives, that our summers will be beset by the flames, and that our winters will be heavy and violent.